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One of the most sought out states to visit is Tennessee. It offers a busy city life and a peaceful beauty that isn’t found anywhere else. There are many different places to see within Tennessee on a trip. Tennessee offers amazing parks and spectacular murals. It also has an abundant amount of wildlife and historical sites. There is something for everyone.


Rock City


Rock City is a unique place that’s located just out of Chattanooga. The sought-out Swing-A-Long bridge reaches almost 200 feet across. It is also home to a waterfall that reaches 100 feet.


The City of Music


Nashville is the home of country music. There is more Nashville has to offer too. Nashville offers visitors a tour of the city’s murals. It is a unique way to see talent in the city.


Great Smokey Mountain National Park


Tennessee is home to the renowned Great Smoky Mountain National Park. This park is one of its most popular places. Visitors are in awe of the beauty and wildlife that’s found in every part of this great park. This is a site that’s enjoyed in many ways. Visitors can travel by car or foot. The park also offers other outdoor activities like horseback riding and white-water rafting.


Home of the King


Graceland is an attraction found in Tennessee that brings Elvis fans from all around. Everyone wants to see the home of Elvis. From the large white couch to the spread-out garden with his memorial, the home is a must-see.


Flowing Rivers


Tennessee is home to many different rivers as well. Center Hill Lake is a small spot that many families have referred to for close family fun. It’s located in Smithville. There are many different activities located in the little town. Another lake is Watauga Lake. The serene and quiet river is a hidden gem for those wanting a peaceful relaxing day by the water. Formed by New Madrid earthquakes, Reelfoot Lake is a historical landmark. It has been around since the early 19th century.


Tennessee offers visitors an array of things to do. Groups of all kinds can find what they are looking for in the great state of Tennessee. Remember to check out Tennessee for a great vacation.