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Utah is an excellent place to take a vacation if you’re a skiing enthusiast; there are many incredible resorts to choose from, depending on which attributes are the most important to you. First-class accommodations, rugged terrain, shopping, skiers-only paradises; Utah has everything. Here are a few of the best places to consider if you’re planning a trip.

  1. Park City
    Park City boasts 330 ski runs, with something for every level of ability. It’s also the complete package, with the town of Park City at the bottom of the mountain, as well as on-site accommodations. With shops, restaurants, and an annual film festival, Park City has something to keep everyone busy; if you’re traveling with family or friends who aren’t as enthusiastic about hitting the slopes as you are, this is an excellent place to consider.
  2. Deer Valley
    The ultimate in high-class accommodations, a skiers-only mandate, on-site accommodations, and a limited number of people allowed on the slopes at once make Deer Valley hard to beat. They also have child care, for when parents want to relax and get on out on the slopes. The customer is always king at Deer Valley, and the only thing that holds it back is the cost– although this can be mitigated by staying off-site. 
  3. Snowbird
    For skiers looking for a challenge, Snowbird is the place. The skiing is fantastic, with many challenging slopes, and they’ve recently renovated, adding a restaurant at the summit. Snowbird is also connected to Alta, another resort for those looking for a challenge, and those interested can buy a ticket to both. The biggest drawback is probably the lack of accommodations at the resort, but at 40 minutes from the Salt Lake City airport, it doesn’t hamstring the appeal for dedicated skiers much.
  4. Brighton
    An excellent option for families, kids ten and under always ski free at Brighton. Although their space is somewhat limited, they have areas that skiers of all abilities can conquer. Their extensive transport system allows guests to quickly move around the resort and spend more time on the mountain. They’re also connected to Solitude Mountain, so it’s possible to make a trip to both.

No matter what kind of skiing experience you’re looking for, Utah has a resort that can meet your needs. Next time you’ re planning to hit the slopes, consider making a trip out to whichever one of these excellent resorts best meets your needs.