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Freezing temperatures, billowing winds, and falling snow have many people heading indoors in the wintertime. Those brave enough to venture outdoors during the winter in Colorado can discover a whole new world of fun. This winter, put on some warm clothes and get active outdoors together with these activities.

Ice Climbing

Climbing isn’t just a summer or spring sport. Ice climbing during the winter is an excellent activity for risk-takers. Frozen waterfalls, icefalls, and rock slabs covered in frozen water can be scaled up using special shoes and an ax. Ouray, Colorado, is one of the top places in the world for ice climbing. Those who are new to the sport can take a guided tour to learn before embarking on their own adventure.

Hot Springs

Relax and rejuvenate in a natural hot spring after the holidays are over. Though the hot springs are popular year-round, they can be especially fun to visit during the winter months. The snow falling all around and the frigid temperatures make the hot water all the more relaxing. Try visiting Strawberry Hot Springs, Pagosa Springs, or the many other hot springs around the state.


Those who enjoy hiking may feel sad each winter as they put their hiking boots away and wait for trails to clear. Snowshoeing trails are available for those who want to walk through the winter snow. Rent some snowshoes and try the trails at St. Mary’s Glacier, Sprague Lake, or Hanging Lake. Those new to snowshoeing can take a guided trail as they learn the tricks of the activity.

Do Some Moose Watching

Not all animals hibernate during the winter. Winter is a great time to spot some moose and watch them in their natural habitat. State Forest Park has over 71,000 acres that are the home of over 600 moose. Watching them interact with each other, eat and play is a fun and educational family activity. Stop by the Moose Visitor Center before heading out to look for the animals. For those looking for an adventure, consider renting some snowmobiles to cover more ground in the park.

Don’t stay indoors this winter. Get outdoors, stay active, and make some fantastic memories this winter season.